ESO Rollplay - Tour


This is your main page for navigating the Rollplay site. From here, you can manage your characters and get to the other pages in the system.

Your user settings can also be found here, allowing you to opt in as a game master or change your password.

Character Sheet

When you first join the Rollplay site, this is where you'll get started by creating one or more characters and assigning their stats and skills. You can return here from the Dashboard later to edit your characters, if you decide you need to make any changes.

Underneath the character sheet itself is a profile section, where you can hotlink a character image and write a description, as well as fill out optional information like birthsign and any organizations the character belongs to. All fields here use Markdown formatting, which you may be familiar with from Reddit and Discord.

Rollplay Session

This page, accessed via the Play button on the Dashboard, allows you to join Rollplay sessions and participate in dice rolls. If you've ever played a tabletop game like Dungeons and Dragons, the way this works will be familiar - each event will have a game master that controls the action. As soon as you enter this page, your character will automatically be placed in a rollplaying session if one is running. More info is available on this page in the Player's Guide.

GM Screen

This page, which is only visible after you opt yourself into being a game master, allows you to create and run Rollplay sessions. More info is available on this page in the GM's Guide.

Browse Characters

This will let you look at anyone's character in the Rollplay system.

Name Generator

Exactly what it says. You can filter by source game and generate a number of results at once. Also available when making a new character on the Character Sheet via the ? button by character name field.